Benefits to Incorporation

Take Control of Our Future

  • Start by gaining control of the millions $$ we pay in taxes and fees
  • Have our money work for Navarre’s benefit
  • As a unified voice, we can better leverage businesses to break ground in Navarre.
  • Citizens will have a closer relationship with locally elected officials and staff
  • We can influence how our city grows and develops
  • We can have more control to preserve our past and those qualities of  Navarre that matter to us

With the new revenue brought in from the City of Navarre, we could:

  • Work on solving our storm water flooding issues
  • Improve our roads
  • Increase police presence
  • Build parks for our children
  • Build a community center for all residents of Navarre to enjoy
  • Encourage retail development

Basic services in incorporated areas form the essential foundation for economic success:

  • Improved Public Safety (police)
  • Improved Infrastructure (roads)
  • Storm water management plan
  • Greater local/regional influence on transportation issues
  • Eligible for state and federal grants only afforded cities

Our Community Needs Work!

  • Areas flood because we don’t have a storm water management plan.
  • We don’t have restrooms in our public parks for our children– only Port-o-Potties.
  • We don’t have a recreation center or community center that offers activities for residents, families, children, teens, veterans and senior citizens
  • Our roads are in need of repair.  We still have dirt roads!
  • Today, Santa Rosa County approves building and development plans for Navarre.  Let our local officials decide!

 Incorporation Concerns:

The City of Navarre adds another layer of government

  • But this layer of government is closer to the people of Navarre
  • It maintains higher standards of development than the county
  • Places zoning and community planning in local hands

We will pay more taxes

  • It is economically feasible to become a city and NOT RAISE TAXES.  Read Feasibility Study.
  • The feasibility study shows the City of Navarre will generate a surplus   

What Else?

  • Our  School District continues, as is
  • Fire protection continues, as is
  • Water service continues, as is
  • Trash and sewer service remain unchanged